Fiber optic networks have evolved slowly over the last 40 years. Patch panels and other solutions that were designed for phone networks were adapted for use in the data world. But the growths and demands of the data center environment beg for a new solution. Budget constraints and the rising cost of floor space require a new paradigm in provisioning a passive fiber optic solution.

Tactical Deployment Systems proudly introduces the Chameleon Fiber Optic Solution. Designed from the ground up to support today's networks and high density data centers. Chameleon features a chassis design that can accommodate traditional adapter panels and cassettes, as well as the highest-density pre-terminated cassettes in the business. Options include 5e copper, Gigabit Switch and GBIC transceiver modules.

The Chameleon Chassis, when fully loaded with (12) 144 High Volume Cassette Modules can accommodate 1,728 fibers in just one 4U space, all that space savings while making fiber management and patching easier and cleaner than traditional fiber solutions currently on the market. The Chameleon 144 or 72 fiber MTP Backbone Cables and our proprietary patent pending MTP to LC Cables patching system, provide a high density fiber distribution solution to the space conscious data center manager.  Adapter Panels by Chameleon can accommodate each major fiber connector: ST, SC, MTRJ, FC, LC, and MTP brand, from 6-up to 144-fiber solutions in each panel.  And the Chameleon is flexible enough to include Cat5e, Media Conversion and switching products all in the same chassis.  No other product on the market can meet your demands the way the Chameleon can. Call today for literature, technical support, or to have a sales representative contact you.

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Chameleon is a patent-pending fiber optic solution designed to meet the increasing demand for high-density space-saving applications. The 4U chassis can fit 12 144-fiber MTP brand cassettes for a total of 1728 fibers. The Chameleon also has Category 5E, Media Converter, and Ethernet switch cassettes available along with standard adapter panels.