Chameleon Cassettes

High Density Cassettes

The Chameleon High Volume Cassette Module takes full advantage of the MT multifiber ferrule design. In coordination with the LightWave 144 fiber Trunk Cable and the patent pending Chameleon Patch Cord system, the HVCM eliminates optical crosstalk, maintaining data integrity. Smaller form factors in the trunking and patching system make the enclosure less cluttered and improves airflow to integral systems. The Chameleon Chassis, when fully loaded with HVCMs can make fiber management and patching a one rack solution.

Industry Standard Cassettes

Ethernet Cassettes

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Chameleon is a patent-pending fiber optic solution designed to meet the increasing demand for high-density space-saving applications. The 4U chassis can fit 12 144-fiber MTP brand cassettes for a total of 1728 fibers. The Chameleon also has Category 5E, Media Converter, and Ethernet switch cassettes available along with standard adapter panels.